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Childhood was a magical time of promise and intrigue, but it was only as extreme as you made it out to be. However, no amount of whimsy compares to the madcap hijinks of Lil' Denny; Small in size, but BIG on brains! Join Denny as he embarks on many weekly misadventures, harkening to the aesthetic of the sunday funnies, in his hometown of Algonquin City, Michigan, along with a huge cast of neighbors: the blissfully aloof Pigface, tough-guy Terry, and many more!!

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No family is perfect; whether commanding older siblings and bawling younger siblings get under your skin, at the end of the day, they're still family, and you love each other no matter what. But is familial love enough when you have a dad who never grew up past the age of 14 and is constantly using his "father" role to his own benefit? For 17 year old Lilliana, dealing with her dad is the lifetime babysitting gig she never asked for. Tune in every week for the misadventures of the Clarkson family!

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